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Greater Mt. Carmel Baptist Church
2730 Oklahoma Street
League City, Texas  77573
(281) 337-2700
Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 1316
League City, TX 77573
Matthew 6:33

The history of GMCMBC dates as far back as creation, but in the year of 1911 A.D. God saw fit to make her known to a dying world. A group of dedicated Christians; lead by the aid of the Holy Spirit too a step forward under the guidance of Dr. L.L. Love, Deacon John Simmons, Henry Gouden Sr. C. Louis, George Washington, Richard Blackman and Amozie Hargrove, the Greater Mt. Carmel MBC was organized. There were forward steps made both spiritually and physically. While the church was being Pastored by great preachers, such as G.W. Mitchell (12yrs), G.H. White  (10yrs), Rev. Calvin Scott  (8yrs), Rev J.D. Nash (3yrs), Rev A.W. Johnson (2yrs), and Rev. E. Croven  (7yrs). In the year ofl941 the church was destroyed by a storm and she was rebuilt under the leadership of Rev. S.A. Johnson. In 1949 the Lord sent Rev. Radio James as Pastor of the church. With Rev. James came his wife and daughter who were faithful workers. While Rev. James worked with us faithfully for ten years, the church was moved from a dead end street to Washington Avenue near HWY 3.  In the year of 1960, Rev. L.D. Harris was called to Pastor. Rev. Harris stayed with the church for eight years.  The church was left under the guidance of Rev. Jake Horne (an evangelist and one of our own); Rev. Horne would not accept leadership of the church due to his age.  Rev. Horne carried on the services until 1968.  In 1868, Rev. M.B. Boyd was called as Pastor.  Under the leadership of Rev. Boyd the church made a great move.
Senior Pastor:  Rev. Milton N. Guillory Jr.
The church that sat on one lot was moved off of Washington Avenue, The church was rebuilt on the corner of Oklahoma and Strawberry, where we now sit on eight lots. The name of the church was changed from Mt. Carmel to Greater Mt. Carmel MBC. Under the leadership of Pastor Boyd the building, furnishing and land was all completely paid off. The associate ministers that worked with Rev. Boyd were Rev. Don Ceskis and Rev. J.  Edmond. Rev. Boyd left the church and moved on. In 1990 Rev. R .O. Webb was called to Pastor the church. Under Rev. Webb the church obtained another building, which was the fellowship Hall.
In February 2006, the Lord saw fit to send Rev. Milton N. Guillory Jr. to Greater Mt.
Carmel MBC. In the short time that   Pastor Guillory has been with us, we have accomplished many great things.  The   Church   purchased a13 passenger van, Upgrades were done in the sanctuary, A Complete AC Unit was installed, and a fellowship hall was purchased. But much greater than physical repair of the building, Pastor Guillory through the aid of the Holy Spirit has revived a dying church. When Pastor Guillory came to Greater Mt. Carmel we had two deacons, now the church has been blessed with six deacons and eight preachers. Under Pastor Guillory's leadership the male chorus has been rejuvenated, the youth department was organized, and the church has grown in spirit and numbers. Greater Mt. Carmel has been blessed with a M an After God's Heart.